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Will I start earning as soon as my website is live?
No, customers will not know you until they know the web address of your online shop like the address of your physical shop. You will have to do the marketing for that.

What type of marketing will be best for website promotion?
Website is a digital shop, so digital marketing is the best option to reach large number of new customers. Physical marketing has a limit as you can not reach every single person personally.

When will I start getting results of online marketing?
Online Marketing is of 2 types: Organic and Inorganic. Organic takes it’s time but has a permanent effects whereas Inorganic or Advertising is instant but for as long as the advertisement runs.

Which marketing should I go for?
A combination of both is recommended for best results. Launching new products with online advertisements is a great way to sell directly.

How and where should I advertise?
Google, Facebook and Instagram are the most popular platforms for direct selling. All provide advertising in different ways. A catchy and trendy design is all you need to get your link clicked.

What happens when user clicks my ad link?
User will reach your site or the product page where he will see for the images and details and reviews before making any decision.

Can I track the user who came to my site?
Yes, by data analytics you can get some detail of the users coming on your site like place, age, mobile or desktop, etc.

Can I know what all pages they viewed?
Again yes, by data analytics like google analytics you can have a better idea of what users are doing after coming on your site and how much time are they spending on your website and what products are they liking more.

Can I contact them who come on my site?
Yes, but not directly as data Analytics does not provide any personal contact info of the user according to the law of privacy policy. But you can make them allow the website notifications so that they become your audience and they get notifications of your new product uploads.

Can I mail them directly about new product launches?
Yes, but not directly. You can do email marketing for those whose email addresses are with you. You can collect email ids while user purchases anything from your site and them send bulk emails to all your email list about your new offers and products.

For COD orders, how do I verify a genuine order?
You can have a OTP verification process on your website so that their contact number is verified before they make any purchase. Moreover you can charge Rs. 50 extra for COD as delivery companies also do this. This will increase the genuine orders.

Will user pay extra 50 rs on a new website or pay in advance?
Yes, customers are looking for genuine products and genuine services. Moreover, you can apply all major and simple payment methods for users to pay you like Paytm, PhonePe, UPI, etc which will maximize your chances of payment collection in advance.

What commission do payment gateways take?
Generally upto 2%.

When the amount comes in my account?

Is there any risk in providing personal and bank information to payment gateways?
No they are secured and compliant with government. They do not share or pass your personal or bank account details to any person or company in any case.

How can I contact payment gateway if there is an issue with my amount settlement?
Generally they provide support 24 by 7 on email and reply awaiting time is within 24 hours.

What to do after receiving a new order?
You will get the notification from email, you can also get notification from SMS and or via mobile app and process the order from their itself without going to desktop or your laptop. You can assign a courier partner from there only and rest everything will be done automatically. You have to just pack your product and give it to the pickup person. Product will be delivered by courier company.

How do I track delivery status of the product after pickup?
You can check the status on logistics company app.

How do customer track their orders?
They will get notifications in messages after pickup and before delivery by logistics company.

Will my product be safe and secured before reaching to customers?
Yes, not to worry. Logistics company is an aggregator having almost every reputed courier company working with them which are very professional.

What if customer wants to return the product due to any reason?
This is very important factor to run your online business long by providing customers with returns and refunds facilities. Every big company does this. This is also the biggest secret of their success. Transparent and happy returns accepting companies are always remembered by customers.

How to get returns and refunds facility on my website for my users?
We can develop the features and functionality on your website, so you can sell with confidence and your customers can purchase with confidence.

But do courier company charge for returns pickup and delivery again?
Yes, obviously. So make your photo exactly like product and process the order properly from your end like packaging, etc. But this will make your customers build their trust on you and you can have great reviews and some referral too from their side.

How do I collect reviews from my customers?
We can develop that so that you can have great and genuine feedbacks of your products and you can work according to the requirements of your customers better. This will be the direct recipe of what you should sell.

What if I get any negative feedback on my site?
As this is your site, you have all rights to remove any comment or review. But best practice is to get in touch with the customer directly and know and understand his concern while putting the review on moderation.

How many orders can I get online in a day?
As much as you can sell. And process. Dont delay the previous orders for taking new orders.

Can my site go down anytime while peak hours or on any sale time?
No. Server have unlimited bandwidth which means any number of users can come and do shopping on your site at the same time while website running normally without going slow.

Will my site go slow while heavy traffic on website?
No, load balancing is done before making the site live. So you need not worry about anything going wrong on your website.

Can my website be fast like big ecommerce websites?
Yes, but there are different types of optimizations done on website. Also there are other factors and technologies to make the site faster.

How can I succeed in ecommerce business quickly?
There is only one trick. Your graphics, photography, products and your offers should be great. And to market that, digital marketing.

How can my customers select different offers like in websites of big companies?
We can develop advanced Coupons for offers, discounts, and deals. This is the most motivating thing to complete the order.

Will heavy graphics slow down my website?
No, image optimization is a technique which involves in making image compressions without losing its quality and details.

What if user does not buy the product after checking the product?
Nothing to worry, it’s just started. Even in 70% cases cart is abandoned, after adding the product to cart. So there is aleays less probability of user buying the product in the first time. But let them save it for later view. Provide them with wishlist.

What if user doesn’t view the wishlist?
Nothing to worry again. Websites are evolving day by day. We can show users their saved items in scrolling. This will remind them that they might be missing something.

What if they even don’t buy from all of above?
Still no issues. We have notifications like app notifications available with us. Moreover, we have the whole social media for audiences walls.

How can I connect with my customers?
On social media and or website via a social media chat like Facebook chat or WhatsApp chat feature.

How to keep website according to latest trends and designs?
Ecommerce are ongoing modifying sites, which require banner changes, regular categorised products upload, updated offer coupons with latest and secured user experience to make business look it’s in working mode.

What investments do I need to make in developing the site?
There are 3 basic components to run the business online: site, marketing and designing. Generally speaking, to run a good ecommerce website business, you need to have an investment of 4 to 5 lacs. But here at ITRenaissance India, we make it the most simplest thing for you.

What ITRenaissance India provides?
We provide all services on easy monthly payments. Generally site development payment is upfront starting from 50000 onwards. But we provide easy installments on site also making it pay as you use model for you.

How ITRenaissance India works?
We accept monthly payments while your business performs online. You can sell monthly double of what you pay so your business becomes auto sustaining.

What services are provided by us?
We provide all services required for online business from business analysis to customer relationships for your long term business.

Does ITRenaissance India do yearly contracts?
Yes, we do yearly contracts to establish your business as a brand online. We also renew contracts yearly to take care of everything with our specialization.

Can I cancel the contract?
Yes, very smoothly and easily with all dues completed and well in advance before a month.

How do I get the handover of the site?
Site handover is smooth involving technical and financial things done with after support and maintenance.

What if I don’t want a website and sell online?
You can do online business without an ecommerce website also via social media direct selling but this can not establish a brand, your business identity and goodwill. Customers will easily forget you.

What time it takes to establish a profit making online business?
At least 2 years. For 2 years, it is investing mode. But you will start making profits for your investments so dont have to invest from your pocket. You just need to reinvest from the earning from sales. After 2 years, when business starts showing profits, you need to hire more people in your office to process the orders.

Can I maintain a list of all customers who came on my site?

Can I export the customer data in excel file?
Yes and use it for CRM- Customer Relationship Management and Remarketing.

Can I send bulk SMS to my customers?
Yes, for that you have to take bulk SMS gateway and also track which sms are delivered or not.

How much time does an ecommerce site takes to get live?
A basic Ecommerce website development  takes around 2 week to get live. 

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