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Is social media really useful for marketing of my business?
Yes, social media has billions of active users who watch your business content also while viewing their personal feeds from their friends and family and also get aware about businesses. Nowadays, social media is focusing on businesses so it gives options to promote your business really easy and quick.

What really happens while promoting business on social media?
It really depends upon your personal requirements that what you want people to take notice of. You can sell, get leads, enquiries, follows, likes, comments, shares, etc. Content as usual creates awareness on users mind about your product or services. It makes an impact on their psychology to build trust in your products.
On social media, they interact with your business in a comfortable manner so it creates a long lasting impact on their minds. Like, they can read comments of other users of your products or services, and can also comment to ask their query if any and can also get fast and quick real time genuine responses from you or from any other person.
They can read your user reviews, recommendations, testimonials, and judge themselves whether you are a fit for them or not.

For how long is social media marketing required?
To make a brand, an ongoing social media marketing is beneficial for your business in many ways. But that can depend upon many factors like the season first up. So you can pause your sales targeting paid advertisements while off-season but to be active in front of your users you can do organic social media marketing which gives users signals that your company is still in the market.

You can increase your interested user base greatly with on-going organic marketing with engaging content related to your audience and your business or just a funny content for entertaining your customers while you are not hardcore marketing your business, posted on a daily basis on your business profiles and increase followers. This can in turn increase your potential customers and you need to pay less for advertisements next time you advertise.